Come join us!

The HailBBQ Tailgate is a Redskins-Fan-First tailgate. We accept fans of the opposing team, but space is limited to Redskins fans and the member referrals of the HailBBQ Crew,  PFUFA, and the Tailgate Hall of Fame.  

If you are an opposing team fan and you wish to join us for a tailgate, please request approval via email and we will let you know if we have additional room at the tailgate.

The HailBBQ tailgate is food-only.  All drinks - including water, soda, beer, liquor, and wine - is bring your own.

We do not charge for our tailgates. It is suggested that tailgate members and guests make a monetary donation of $10 - $20 per person towards the tailgate to help offset the cost of food and equipment.

Please note that all tailgates will shut down one to one and half hours prior to kick-off. To ensure that you are able to enjoy the full menu, we suggest arriving about 3 hours prior to kickoff.


Orange Lot Between G20 - G30
Arena Drive/Bishop Peebles Entrance
FedEx Field
Landover, Marlyand

If you are walking from the metro, you will enter the stadium lots from Garrett Morgan Blvd and turn right to head towards the G lots. You'll see our flags waving high at G20 between Purple and Orange.

Questions? Email Us at:

Frequently Asked questions

  1.  Can we join your tailgate?
    The tailgate is open to all Redskins fans.   We ask that you RSVP in advance to let us know you are coming.

  2. Are you guys regular fans like us or a for profit restaurant?
    We are Redskins fans, just like you.  We aren't associated with any restaurant or catering company, and pay for the weekly tailgates out of our own pocket.  Because of this, we encourage all tailgate participants to donate to our tip jar to help offset the costs of food and other expenses (ice, propane, forks, knives, plates, etc).  

  3.  What if I don't RSVP but still show up
    We bring food based on our RSVP's.  If you do not RSVP, we unfortunately will not be able to provide you access to our buffet.

  4.  Where is your tailgate located?
    For all Redskins games at FedEx Field, we are set up at the G20 sign, which is where the Orange and Purple lots merge along Arena Drive.   

  5.  Can we bring something to the tailgate?
    We will provide all food.  Since we do not provide alcohol, our tailgates are byob for those guests of legal drinking age.  If you would like to make an addition to our selection by bringing an item, please let us know in advance of the tailgate so we may coordinate.

  6. I and or someone in group has a food allergy. Can you accommodate special dietary restrictions?

    We unfortunately cannot accommodate various dietary requirements or food allergies.

  7.  How much does the tailgate cost?
    We do not charge for our tailgates. It is suggested that tailgate members and guests make a monetary donation of $10 - $20 per person towards the tailgate to help offset the cost of food and equipment.

  8.  Can't I just buy a hot dog from you?
    It is against FedEx Field policy to sell food or any other items in the parking lot areas.  In compliance with this policy, we only offer food to our members and guests.  

  9.  What time does the tailgate start?
    The parking lots of FedEx Field parking lots will open 4 hours prior to kickoff. Our team will often arrive hours before the lots open and have a "pre-tailgate" on Arena Drive as we wait for the lots to open.

  10.  Do you partner with any out of town fan groups for a VIP experience?
    The HailBBQ tailgate is a private tailgate of football fans.  As such, we do not partner with any travel groups or require tickets to be purchased in advance to attend (but please RSVP so we know you are coming).  If you have purchased tickets to attend our tailgate from a travel group, please note that these will not be honored.

  11. Do you tailgate for preseason games?
    We do not cook / officially tailgate for preseason games. You are however welcome to join us in our regular spot with a dish to share.

  12. How do I become a HailBBQ Crew Member?
    If you would like to potentially join the crew please send an email.
    We are always looking for new members.