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Meet the Crew

Its takes a full team working together week in and week out to put together the HailBBQ Tailgate

"Tailgate Ted"

Executive Chef

“Tailgate” Ted is the Executive Chef for the Hail BBQ Crew. He originally founded the Tailgate back in 1999 and creates a new menu each week that’s based upon the food of the region where the visiting team is from.

Rumor has it that “Tailgate” Ted’s first words were “Hail to the Redskins.” He is a Die Hard Redskins fan that hasn’t missed a home game in 11 years. He also goes to a few away games every year sometimes hosting a tailgate behind enemy lines. Tailgating at Fedex field allows Ted to combine two of his passions, cooking and supporting the Burgundy and Gold. 

You can often hear him on DC’s local airwaves debating the latest Redskins pickup or talking about this week’s menu. He has had several recipes posted on the Washington Post as well as several other publications. His most famous recipe is his Asian Country Style Pork Loin ribs. Make sure to have a taste if you stop by a tailgate. 

Chef Bobby Flay… He’s ready for a Throwdown!
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Event Host & Front Line Manager
Jared is an experienced FedEx Field tailgater, forming his own tailgate group in 2004 prior to merging with the Hail BBQ Crew.  Serving as the chef and organizer of his own tailgate, Jared's tailgate group grew from 8 fans to about 80 regulars.  Since joining the Hail BBQ Crew, Jared has served in the role of logistics and marketing.  This includes advanced pre-tailgate planning in conjunction with Tailgate Ted, as well as food prep, tailgate setup/breakdown, and maintaining the website/RSVP system. 

One of his fondest Redskins memories was traveling to Dallas in 2005 to witness the 14-13 Redskins comback victory over the Cowboys on Monday Night Football.  Jared has also had the privilege of cooking with chef Emeril Lagasse on a tailgating episode of "Emeril Green."   Next time you visit the tailgate, make sure to ask for a sample of Jared's soon to be famous "Old Bay Sliders"


Director of Logistics & Operations
Jeff provides game day logistical support for tailgate equipment, food and anything needed for the crew to put on there operation on game day. Jeff is always one the first to arrive for the Hail BBQ pre-tailgate staging on Arena Drive. A die hard and loyal Redskins fan Jeff can always be found at FedEx Field on game day regardless of how good or how bad our beloved Redskins are doing!


DJ Entertainment & Games
DJ Mark John has been entertaining for mitzvahs, weddings, corporate events, and private parties since 1996.  But nothing compares to the entertainment that he provides at the Hail BBQ tailgates. Join DJ Mark John for an afternoon filled with good music, fun games, and brutal competitions preparing you for the excitement to come once you enter FedEx Field.

DJ Mark John is the owner of Everything Entertainment, a premier full-service entertainment company serving the DMV.  When he is not deejaying, Mark enjoys hanging with his family and friends, traveling, and doing anything involving a "friendly" competition.  Mark has always been an avid Redskins fan and follower. He has travelled to Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and for the first time this season, London, to support his team.

Every Redskin fan should experience the exhilarating adventure of cheering, chanting, and singing for their hometown, and not to mention the nation's capital, football team. But you haven't experienced American football until you've attended the most epic tailgate with the very talented DJ Mark John.


Grilling to perfection


Chef de Cuisine
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Executive Sous Chef
As Executive Sous Chef, Charles has brought his many years of restaurant experience to the tailgate and team. Charles' recipes are distinct with his own unique flavors. While at the tailgate, Charles spends his time working the grill, ensuring that all food is cooked to perfection.   Due to his cooking experience,  Charles was featured on a tailgate episode of Emeril Green, cooking alongside celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse and looks forward entering other tailgate and bbq battles.   


Line Chef
Joe, aka the “Lemon Drop King”, arrives with the early crew every game to help with game day logistical support before he takes on his spatula duties on the grill. Consistent with his Italian heritage, cooking food is one of Joe’s hobbies as he is often found in his grandmother’s kitchen learning the fine art of Southern Italian cuisine.

Joe’s Mom worked for the late Dr. Joseph A Bailey in Washington DC in the mid 1970’s. His son, Jody, was then Vice President of the Dallas Cowboys under Tex Schramm. He learned firsthand at an early age what the word rivalry means every time the Skins and the Cowboys teed it up. He comes from a long line of Redskin faithful in his extended family and his loyalty is second to none. Redskins and tailgating are his passion! 

Joe, along with Jeff became Lot 20 groupies seven years ago with their own version of a tailgate. Early on, they traded samples of game day goodies with Ted which included Joe’s famous “Lemon Drop Shooters” which were made by the gallons. Eventually they joined efforts with Ted and the gang and the rest is history.


Line Chef
Craig contributes his services as the charcoal master. Born in DC and raised in Maryland, Craig is a die-hard Redskin fan and has had season tickets since 1999. Since childhood, Craig has enjoyed cooking simple and elaborate meals in the kitchen and on the grill. He is a hard-core tailgater since those first days and joined forces with the Hail BBQ crew five years ago. He brought the old school back to tailgating with his charcoal skills.

Craig is the only member named after a Dallas Cowboy quarterback. Craig’s father was watching the Skins/Cowboys game on October 8, 1973 and was upset about the tied game in the late fourth quarter. A huge Skins fan, Craig’s father swore that if Craig Morton threw an interception that he would name his unborn child after him. The next play, Brig Owens picked off the Cowboy’s quarterback pass and ran for a 26 yard touchdown. The Skins got a win and Craig’s father was true to his word and named his son after the Cowboy.

Gameday Support


Director of Gameday Admissions & Security Liaison
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Worst mustache and biggest complainer

Other Support Members


Line Chef


Graphic Design


Photographer & Operations


Cruise Director